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The Envision Advantage Our Team Approach Learn About Our Investment Philosophy

Discover The Envision Difference

We focus on helping our clients transition into retirement and preparing them for any life changing events.

Our unique process combines investment management with comprehensive financial planning.  The result is a clear understanding of your resources and a sense of security so you can worry less and enjoy life more. 

Envision clients experience additional services beyond the typical financial advisor. Examples include:

  • Comprehensive approach- Our process covers retirement, investment, insurance, tax reduction strategies and estate planning.  Unlike many "financial advisors" we don't just focus on your insurance or investment portfolio in order to get paid.
  • Local team with national resources- Our affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors provides you with the best of both worlds:  A local team who understands your needs combined with national resources of a large independent financial planning firm.
  • Coordinated advice- We will work with your attorney and accountant in order to provide you with a more personalized approach.  
  • Personalized websites- the "hub of your financial life" as we call it, which organizes your financial life so you can easily determine where all of your money resides.
  • Digital vault- You can safely store documents like customized reports, wills, estate planning documents and tax returns.
  • Monthly e-newsletter- The latest trends and analyses filtered and delivered to you.
  • Video summary of investment markets at the end of each month.
  • Our Library of "how to" documents that clearly answer common financial planning and investment questions.

3 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us


Our most important job: understand your thoughts and feelings about wealth. We want to know how you acquired your wealth, how you use it and your plans for the future.  

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As your life changes, we will be there to help you confront major short and long-term planning decisions. Our broad experience allows us to adapt our services to your changing needs. 

In addition, our Envision Advantage  process delivers a clear understanding of the path you are on and what changes need to be made. 

Envision Advantage Process


The digital world is a noisy place. What information can you trust? What should you ignore? 

At Envision, we filter and deliver the resources relevant to you. We know clients appreciate a financial professional who watches out for their interests and makes sense of an increasingly complex world.

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Our Three Areas of Focus

Retirement Income

Would you like additional income to provide for your family and can last a lifetime?

Are you concerned about running out of money and wish to spend more on enjoying life?

Do you know how to increase your income without taking on too much risk? 

How We Can Help

Life Changing Events

Are you going through a divorce, inheriting wealth or experiencing a tragedy in your life that changes everything?

Do you need help as you navigate this difficult time?

Are you working with a team of advisors that understand you and speak in plain language?


Let Us Guide You

Wealth Management

Are you paying 1% or more in fees and are questioning if this is fair?

Are you aware of the hidden costs associated with your investments that may reduce your overall return?

Is your portfolio designed to help you reach your goals while minimizing unecessary risk?  

Partner With Us

Call us at (757) 777-3121 for a "second opinion" meeting.  We may be able to reduce your taxes and fees in your investments.  We also look for gaps in your planning-which could result in significant savings.  There is no cost, obligation, or pressure for this second opinion of your current planning.

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